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Value-driven service and high-quality deliverables have earned our reputation as one of the most experienced consultants for Next Generation 9-1-1.

Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) is the evolving phase of the ever-changing 9-1-1 infrastructure in the United States. As technology has advanced beyond voice to include text, data, images, and video, so must Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). Accommodating these additional services requires upgrades to the PSAPs and respective networks.

NG9-1-1 will change how emergency calls are handled at a PSAP as well as by first responders, necessitating modifications to local and national 911 call handling policies and practices. New NG9-1-1 services will allow calls, messages, and data to be transferred to another PSAP anywhere within an interconnected NG9-1-1 ecosystem. This will facilitate more effective disaster management among PSAPs, Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agencies, and other emergency management entities.

FE subject matter experts have extensive experience planning, designing, procuring, and implementing NG9-1-1 solutions. We will develop a thorough understanding of your individual requirements and current NG9-1-1 readiness state. Our consultants appreciate that every PSAP has unique incident management approaches, technologies, funding models, and governance. FE will assess and document these in a NG9-1-1 Readiness Assessment. FE will then develop a NG9-1-1 Strategic Plan which provides a road map for an incremental migration to NG9-1-1. FE is also available to support the procurement and implementation phases of your NG9-1-1 program, overseeing the selected vendors to meet your needs.

NG9-1-1 changes are coming. Be proactive and plan for your PSAP’s success. FE, your trusted advisor, will support you through this process.

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NG9-1-1 Expertise

  • NG9-1-1 readiness assessment
  • Public safety strategic plan for NG9‑1‑1 ecosystems

  • NG9-1-1 feasibility and tradeoff studies

  • NG9-1-1 technology and operations assessments

  • NG9-1-1 funding models

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) assessments and data layer development

  • Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet) design and implementation

  • NG9-1-1 migration and management support

  • NG9-1-1 systems procurement, implementation and project management support for:

    • Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)
    • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
    • Records Management System (RMS)
    • Recording Routers, Switches, IP networks
  • Operations and staffing analysis and planning

  • System lifecycle analysis

  • Regionalization of NG9-1-1 services and technology

  • PSAP consolidation planning

  • PSAP design and implementation

  • Regional governance and planning

Next Generation 9-1-1 Considerations

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