Funding and Budgeting

We recognize the focus of our efforts is to successfully support our clients.

Funding and Budgeting2020-09-09T14:54:02-04:00

FE consultants understand that the economics, budgeting, and funding of a project are critical to its success.

Our approach to evaluating budget needs begins with focus on the service area, the history of the client’s funding and budgeting processes and current funding initiatives in order to address both available and new funding sources. We appreciate current emergency communications organizations struggle with outdated or ineffective funding methods.

We recognize that the focus of our efforts is to support clients by identifying and exploring funding options and how these options would be successfully implemented. Public and municipal education is employed to garner political will, support legislation, and facilitate transition planning.  FE personnel have appeared before decision makers at all levels of government including town councils, county boards, state legislatures, and the US Congress.  We have developed the skills and techniques to present complex technical issues and their associated budgeting needs in a politically palatable form.

Our support extends to providing advocacy in framing or reframing funding agreements and assisting you in delivering a convincing message to your decision makers.