We base our staffing solutions on industry standards for dispatch centers.


In today’s demanding and fast-paced emergency communications environment, maintaining appropriate staffing levels remains a constant challenge for communications center directors.

Critical to the emergency communications center’s ability to provide safe, effective and efficient service to the community and field personnel, appropriate staffing levels must be identified, maintained and then updated periodically.

Our staffing solutions are specific to your environment and take into account call volume, dispatcher responsibilities, channel loading, ancillary responsibilities, evolving technologies, economic changes and future expansion or growth. We deliver customized staffing optimization services that include:

  • Evaluation of existing staffing levels
  • Evaluation of call taking and dispatch workflow methodology
  • Evaluation of the recruitment, hiring and training processes
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Development of short-term staffing plans
  • Recommendations for an effective organizational structure
  • Development of training, quality assurance programs and standard operating guides or policies

FE follows the standards and guidelines established by organizations such as NENA, APCO and NFPA to deliver solutions that meet industry best practices.