Litigation Support

Delivering highly credible subject matter experts.

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We provide technical consulting for litigation and trial support in virtually all communications technologies and markets.

Numerous law firms have called upon FE’s real world expertise with large scale networks. Our opinions are unimpeachable, instilling a high degree of credibility that can only be developed through years of experience.  Because our subject matter experts are actively involved in delivering communications and information systems, they have a much higher level of credibility than a typical “expert” might have.

We have a wide range of design and management services in IP-based systems, fiber optics, satellite, microwave, mobile radio, data communications, video, and public safety dispatch center technologies.  Our consultants are well versed in presenting highly technical issues in a way that is understood by non-technical lay juries.

Litigation and trial support services include:

  • Product research
  • Technical analyses
  • Pre-trial support

  • Reliability analyses
  • Performance analyses
  • Competitive analysis

  • Trial preparation

  • Expert testimony

FE has developed techniques ideally suited to presenting highly technical issues to a lay jury.