First responders across the country rely on our services to keep their communities safe.


With FE, you can rely upon one firm for your computer aided dispatch (CAD), records management systems (RMS), mobile data and field-based reporting consulting needs.

FE specializes in the planning, design, vendor evaluation, contract negotiations, testing oversight and system implementation of public safety dispatch center systems. We support the data sharing infrastructure, operations and communications, as well as upgrades and replacements of CAD, RMS, mobile data, and GIS systems across single and multiple jurisdictions.

Federal Engineering offers a combination of core qualifications and public safety experience which has earned it the reputation as the premier public safety consulting firm. With our decades of experience, knowledge and qualifications, you will benefit from the following:

Public Safety Consulting Industry Knowledge and Expertise

  • An understanding of both the current and next generation standards-based technologies as well as the operational impacts of introducing new systems
  • A team with strong public safety and law enforcement backgrounds and knowledge of justice databases such as UCR and NIBRS to support your needs
  • A deep staff bench that can be called upon as your needs arise

CAD, RMS, and Mobile Data Expertise and Industry-Leading Subject Matter Experts

  • Subject matter expertise in today’s state-of-the-art CAD/RMS systems and vendors
  • Experience managing the CAD/RMS and mobile data requirements gathering processes
  • Experience in developing and managing scenario-based evaluation demonstrations by vendors
  • Extensive experience negotiating contracts and managing vendors throughout the procurement and implementation processes

Strong and Proven Project Management Expertise

  • Expertise managing both large and small public safety project teams to gather requirements, capture expectations, and build consensus across multiple agencies
  • A well-established track record of performing projects on schedule and within budget

Business Process Change Management Expertise

  • Experience documenting business processes and workflows identified during requirements gathering sessions
  • Expertise guiding agencies to resolve challenges with both common and unique workflow changes that may be required for optimum use of modern public safety systems

FE continues to successfully implement complex, multi-agency and multi-jurisdiction projects across North America. Our system procurement process remains vendor neutral with a high success rate of client satisfaction and positive vendor feedback. No RFP written by FE has ever been successfully protested.