CPE Systems

NG9-1-1 will impact virtually all CPE systems in your PSAP.

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FE provides consulting, project management and technical experts for the complex systems acquisitions such as 9-1-1 telephone systems and equipment.

FE is available to assist in the upgrade of your CPE systems.  Our services are expansive in supporting our clients through the intricacies of requirements definition, procurement and implementation. The project management expertise includes on-site project management, schedule development, communications planning, migration planning, acceptance testing, progress reviews, and the critical oversight necessary for a successful implementation. Our proven methodology begins with a thorough needs assessment and detailed requirements specification development which form the basis for our procurement support activities.

The FE library contains thousands of specific requirements gathered from numerous successful 9-1-1 telephone system acquisitions and implementations, and from our staff’s decades of industry experience. We develop procurement documents in conjunction with our client’s terms and conditions and provide our expert support throughout the procurement process. This support typically includes the following:

  • Detailed design requirements
  • Development of technical evaluations
  • Facilitating vendor demonstrations and evaluations
  • Support of client in vendor selection decision
  • Contract negotiations
  • Project management and implementation support
  • Review of design plans and diagrams
  • Development of migration strategies
  • Installation and integration oversight of systems and equipment and punch lists
  • Training plans and administration
  • System acceptance testing

FE’s proven approach to CPE equipment upgrades will deliver systems that meet your needs, are affordable, and at a minimum of risk.