RFP Development

Clearly defined requirements and specifications are essential to public safety solutions.

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We help our clients manage and evaluate qualified vendors from a best-fit and cost benefit approach to implement world class public safety solutions.

We develop system technical specifications based on the client-approved requirements in a form suitable for incorporation in our clients’ RFP documents. These specifications describe the system’s functional and performance requirements in sufficient detail for vendors to submit consistent proposals, to promote apples-to-apples comparisons of proposals and to be verifiable through acceptance testing during the implementation phase of a project.

Our RFPs have been refined over billions of dollars of procurements and incorporate the essential requirements, specifications, and other defined conditions needed to solicit qualified responses from public safety system vendors.

Requirements Document Preparation

We will clearly convey the essential requirements, specifications, and other defined conditions in our Initial System Requirements document that includes public safety and data management system requirements across the key components of the public safety system(s), integration, and required interfaces that will make up the public safety solution.

  • Business requirements
  • Interface into external systems requirements
  • Migration specifications
  • Technical requirements
  • Data management/ information reporting requirements to include required data elements
  • System context diagram
  • Operational requirements and specifications
  • Technical architecture
  • User interface requirements
  • Security requirements
  • Training requirements
  • Maintenance/ support requirements

Innovative Technologies

Information and communications technologies have transformed the business and social landscape of public safety. Public safety organizations are in such a dynamic environment they must reinvent their cultures and strategies to excel and create a sustainable environment. In this context, the concept of a “knowledge-based culture” is gaining popularity within the domain of policy-making and strategic planning. Deploying innovative and enabling information infrastructures play an important role in this developmental process.

Integration and Interfaces

FE reviews the client’s ecosystem process diagrams and works closely with IT project managers and other relevant stakeholders to identify each existing interface and its integration requirements to be included in the RFP for a new public safety system solution.

Training and Transition Planning

Our team has keen insight into how a new public safety solution may impact operations. FE’s operational experts will work with the client’s stakeholders to consider the required changes in business practices and/or processes and the impact these may have on users and the associated training requirements that will be necessary to address them. We assist in the organization and identification of training requirements needed to effectively implement any new systems.