Real Time Crime Centers

Expanding the range of 24/7 policing technologies for law enforcement agencies.

Real Time Crime Centers2020-09-09T14:59:43-04:00

Law enforcement has evolved into a complex and interdependent operating environment with data driven policing and the ever-changing, advancing technology of nearly ubiquitous cameras and video surveillance.

The planning for, and deployment of, a complex video management system/ records management system (VMS/RMS) project has many considerations. These include next generation technologies, networks, operations, human resources and staffing, governance, legislation and privacy, and systems integration.

Together with your staff, FE will design the best path toward the creation of your Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) or related variants: Real Time Intelligence Center (RTIC) and Real Time Operations Center (RTOC). Our designs consider current and emerging VMS technologies and are aligned with industry best practices.  We identify the functional requirements of the systems, which will serve as the foundation of a vendor scope of work, and identify the qualifications necessary for the right vendor to successfully complete the implementation. The resulting design includes internal and external integration and identifies the analytical tools necessary to receive the most value from the investment.

Developing the right integration model is especially critical for making the most efficient use of your agency’s assets, both human and technical, as well as leveraging previous investments.