Utilities Communications

Utilities continue to rely on technology to improve the efficiency and security of their infrastructure.

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FE understands that power and water utilities are incorporating new communications systems into their operations.

FE has been supporting utilities for decades with clients ranging from small city-owned utilities to large power administrations that cover multiple states. We know that communications systems provide a vital lifeline in today’s utilities including dispatching service crews, ensuring personnel safety, interconnecting SCADA subsystems, enabling emerging technologies such as Smart Grid, and protecting our nuclear plants and water supplies from terrorist attack.

FE understands that electric utilities must meet certain requirements unique to their industry such as those published by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Utility communications systems designed by our consultants meet these and other requirements while proving to be flexible, cost effective, and reliable.

Founded in 1983, FE is a leading specialist in electric and water communications consulting. Judged superior in competitive procurement, our firm has consistently merited client satisfaction, as evidenced by the frequent award of repeat business. Because we are not affiliated with equipment manufacturers, our designs are not biased toward any particular vendor, technology, product, or approach. The result is solutions that meet our clients’ communications needs.

Many electric and water utilities rely on FE as they plan new systems to support capacity demands, improve security, and comply with regulatory requirements.

FE Utilities Expertise

  • Needs assessment

  • Strategic planning

  • Total communications network design

  • Dispatch center design

  • Coverage and capacity analyses

  • Spectrum planning and interference analyses

  • Site planning, surveys, and selection

  • Security systems design

  • Interoperability analysis

  • Mobile data

  • RFP development

  • Procurement support

  • FCC license applications

  • Program management

  • Implementation management

  • Independent validation