Project Management

Experience that produces hundreds of successful projects each year.

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Our project management methodology, applied with our public safety and technology experience, produces success on hundreds of projects each year.

FE has developed a methodical and defined approach to managing projects that align with the Project Management Institute (PMI) approach to project management, documented in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Our PMP-certified project managers blend the strength of the PMBOK methodologies with real-world experience in managing public safety projects.

We tailor solutions and project approaches to fit the needs of our clients and solve their unique challenges.

Each client and every technology upgrade or replacement is unique. We work with our clients to define and understand specific needs and develop an approach to meet those needs.

Our PM experience delivers tangible results

Our project management process covers each phase of a system’s lifecycle from needs assessment and strategic planning through independent validation and verification of an installed system. We apply continuous project management that supports the entire system lifecycle, completing each phase to satisfaction before initiating the next phase, continually coordinating activities, involving other stakeholders as needed, and maintaining the project plan and schedule as it evolves through deliverables, approval processes, and meeting schedules.

Our project managers focus on the client’s needs, establishing a baseline project management process that centers on the discovery and minimization of risk, collaboration, open communications, and consensus building, enabling our team to deliver tangible benefits to our clients including those that could potentially impact project budget, scope and schedule.

  • Reduced cycle time

  • Greater accuracy

  • Lower delivery costs

  • Improved time efficiency

  • Improved quality of project deliverables

  • Early identification of project issues