First responders now have affordable, wireless wide-band data services.


As FirstNet is rolled out, public safety organizations are assessing how the availability of broadband data services will impact their organizations.

On February 22, 2012, the “Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012” was signed into law which includes provisions to fund and govern a Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network now referred to as FirstNet. FirstNet’s mission is to deploy, operate, and maintain a high-speed, nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to
public safety.

As jurisdictions consider the use of FirstNet, complex issues must be addressed including operations, technology, economics, and governance as well as integration with existing public safety mobile radio and information systems. Important considerations such as coverage, capacity, security, reliability, and roll-out schedule must also be addressed.

A trusted advisor is needed to assist with the decision process; an advisor that has the size, experience, and independence to be relied upon. Federal Engineering is that trusted advisor. FE has been involved in numerous public safety networks in America and we understand the complexities that new technologies such as FirstNet bring about. Since 1983, FE has been an advocate of first responders, supporting advancements in the communications networks they rely upon.

Begin your planning with FE as your trusted advisor to meet the broadband needs of your first responders.

SLIGP and FirstNet Broadband Services

  • State and Local Interoperability Grant Program (SLIGP) support

  • User needs assessments

  • Infrastructure inventory and analyses

  • Data gathering and packaging

  • Strategic planning

  • Opt-in/Opt-out decision support

  • Financial and funding analyses

  • Grant application and management

  • Computer applications assessments

  • Network analysis and coverage modeling

  • LTE design and procurement

  • Program management

  • Implementation support

  • Outreach and consensus building

  • Governance planning

FE is actively supporting the broadband needs of public safety organizations across the country:

  • FirstNet/SLIGP planning for several state governments
  • Computer modeling of large scale LTE networks for multiple state governments
  • LTE network analysis and design for major cities and counties
  • LTE procurement support for a multitude of government organizations
FirstNet smartphone

With the advent of FirstNet, smart phones and other data devices will become the most powerful communications tools in public safety history.

It is important for state and local users to “get ahead of the curve” and have their needs and assets documented now in order to provide the necessary inputs to grant process and subsequent SLIGP phases. To minimize your contracting burden, there are multiple state, local, and federal procurement vehicles available to secure the services of Federal Engineering without the burdensome and time consuming RFP process.