Emergency Center Consolidation

We help communities manage their emergency communications consolidation process.

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Our approach to public safety consolidation revolves around our clients’ true needs.

FE’s consolidation methodology is based on a full-circle, holistic approach taking into account every aspect of emergency communications. We are experienced in consolidation studies, planning and implementation, having been an integral part of more than 25 consolidation efforts across the country.

Our clients benefit from FE’s in-depth understanding of operations, advanced technologies, facilities and funding sources as well as the “sensitivities” associated with consolidations.  You can rely upon FE throughout the entire consolidation process.

With varied and deep experience in our staff, we bring the right resources from our diverse organization to deliver the highest possible value.

A 360° Approach to Consolidation

We help communities manage the consolidation process from start to finish, simplifying the entire process, and relieving the pressure of public safety and government leaders to facilitate a seamless transition for project success. Our solutions for emergency communications consolidation include:

  • Feasibility assessments
  • Consolidation planning, implementation and transition assistance
  • Generating governance documents

  • Facility planning, programming and design
  • Technology specification, procurement and project management
  • Promoting consensus and buy-in

  • Vendor coordination
  • Supporting the funding process

  • Assessing the impacts on personnel