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We are planning future NG9-1-1 services for states, provinces, and local jurisdictions across North America.

No other firm matches the scope of services or depth of experience that we provide for NG 9-1-1. Not only have we helped more than ten states across the United States prepare for the NG 9-1-1 transition, we have also executed NG projects for hundreds of local and regional agencies.

Reliable communications systems

Land Mobile Radio Systems. Full Life Cycle.  Delivered Successfully.

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We craft user-driven, cost-effective communications solutions with in-depth knowledge of public safety land mobile radio technologies that is unsurpassed in the industry. Our specialists have worked on virtually every type of system and in hundreds of situations as consultants, manufacturer employees, first responders, and public officials.

Improving Emergency Centers

Maximizing Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness.

With ever increasing technology costs and tightening budgets, along with the urgent need to quickly respond to disasters, more jurisdictions are considering joining forces to meet the challenges of improving public safety communications in a unified and timely manner.

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