City of Mesa/Mesa Utilities Awards Federal Engineering SCADA Consulting Contract

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City of Mesa/Mesa Utilities Awards Federal Engineering SCADA Consulting Contract

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA, February 8, 2016 — The City of Mesa/Mesa Utilities (Mesa) in Arizona has awarded Federal Engineering, Inc. (FE) a contract to assist with the analysis and upgrade of their Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) backbone network.

Ronald F. Bosco, FE’s President and CEO, described the project: “Mesa operates a SCADA system to remotely monitor and control equipment on its gas, water, and wastewater infrastructures. The current backhaul communications network from the master locations to the remote sites is more than ten years old. Mesa plans to replace the current backhaul system due to the age of the current equipment and its inability to provide the required functionality. Additionally, available new system features are required to support the greater functionality required by Mesa.

Mr. Bosco continued: “FE will develop a plan for the replacement of Mesa’s backhaul communications system including redesigning and replacing existing backhaul equipment. In addition to meeting SCADA communications reliability and bandwidth requirements as supplied by Mesa during the needs interview, the new system will support separate VLANs for connecting to and operating cameras at the selected sites. The backbone system will prioritize traffic to always ensure SCADA communications precedence over camera communications. The new system will also support centralized administration to reconfigure remote communications equipment and paths as necessary to monitor and repair issues that may occur.”

FE provides a wide range of broadband wireless and land mobile radio analysis, design, procurement support, and implementation management services for public safety, public service, transportation, and energy organizations. The firm also provides telecommunications systems design, security analyses, disaster recovery planning, strategic assessments, product analyses, market research, and business planning services in telecommunications and related fields.

As a leading, nationwide communications systems planning and design firm, Federal Engineering develops voice, data, and video networks for numerous firms including aerospace, energy, finance, education, publishing, and computer services. In addition to its private sector work, FE has completed thousands of communications projects for 40 state governments, as well as numerous local and federal government clients. FE’s certified independence ensures that clients receive objective, unbiased consulting services that are not influenced by any particular technology, product, vendor, or approach.


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