Telecommunications Consulting Services

Public and private sector organizations worldwide have relied upon Federal Engineering’s telecommunications consulting services since 1983. Our professionals form an integral part of your team from the early planning phases of your project through systems installation and commissioning.

FE’s certified independence ensures that our clients receive totally objective analyses, free of influences from equipment vendors or service providers. The results: a solid record of telecommunications cost savings, performance improvements, and favorable vendor relations for our clients.


FE’s strategic planning begins with rigorous, on-site requirements analysis. After systems design and modeling, we provide you with a strategic document detailing our technology, budgeting, and organizational recommendations.


FE procurement support includes the development of a request for proposal, technical assistance during vendor meetings, review of vendor proposals, procurement recommendations, and contract negotiations support.

FE program management ensures that the systems you procure are delivered on schedule and meet all requisite specifications. Our on-site inspectors monitor work in progress, review workmanship practices, and conduct acceptance testing of delivered subsystems.

Whether your project involves wireless applications, telephony, data networks, intranets, Internet access, or virtually any other communications technology, you can rely upon FE to get the most from your technology investment in today’s dynamic telecommunications environment.

Broad Technology Expertise

Federal Engineering has deep background and hundreds of man-years of experience in the following technologies:

Intranet/Internet access

  • Internet service providers

  • IP addressing schemes

  • DNS and DHCP servers

  • E-mail exchangers

  • WWW servers

Terrestrial communications

  • Telco and Cable TV

  • Digital and analog

  • Frame relay, ATM and ADSL

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • Carrier and private microwave

Data communications

  • Client/server networking

  • Legacy systems

  • TCP/IP router based networks

  • LANs and WANs

Switching systems

  • VoIP, PBX and central office

  • T-carrier

  • Routers, multiplexers, and channel banks

Fiber optic communications

  • Single mode and multimode

  • Trunking and add/drop

  • Long haul, WANs, and LANs

  • SONET, ATM, and FDDI

Wireless Communications

  • Public safety mobile radio

  • Private land mobile radio

  • Wi-Fi and WiMAX

  • Cellular and LTE systems

  • Mobile data terminals

  • Tone, voice, and alpha paging

Satellite communications

  • VSAT networks

  • LEOs (Low Earth Orbit Systems)

  • TVRO networks

  • INTELSAT and DOMSAT earth stations

  • Fixed and transportable systems

Video distribution

  • Desktop, compressed, and full motion video

  • Transport, switching and storage

  • Distance learning and educational networks

Commercial security

  • Firewalls and proxy servers

  • Computer access and user authentication

  • Encryption and call back devices

  • Building access and perimeter control


  • AM, FM, and television

  • Instructional Television Fixed Service