Technology Consulting

Maximize your technology investment.

Technology Consulting2019-05-06T06:47:11-04:00

FE technology and implementation assistance helps clients maximize their technology investment.

FE is a nationwide telecommunications consulting firm providing strategic assessments, product analyses, and business planning services.

Our technology consulting services, enhanced by our ability to offer a vendor-neutral approach, works independently of all hardware and application manufacturers. Our goal is to keeping the client’s best interest and budget at the forefront of every project.

Client-Centered Focus

Teaming with us can help alleviate pressures that clients face when they develop bids and evaluate requests for proposals. The overall result is a better procurement experience and a technology solution tailored to fit the exact needs of our clients.

In addition, working with FE often results in better pricing, terms and conditions, more efficiency, greater oversight of spending and long-term service level improvement. We can also provide project management support during implementation to protect our clients’ interests until final acceptance.

NG9-1-1 changes are coming. Be proactive and plan for your PSAP’s success. FE, your trusted advisor, will support you through this process.

Public Safety Technology Expertise

  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

  • Records Management Systems (RMS)

  • Telephony systems

  • Mobile data communications

  • Mapping systems

  • Communications systems

  • Voice, data and video infrastructure

  • Logging systems