M&A and Investments

We help validate economic, technical, and marketing strategies for successful mergers.

M&A and Investments2019-05-06T07:03:43-04:00

We have a wide range of investment experience from capital formation for startups through mergers and acquisitions for major corporations.

Investment bankers, venture capital firms, and major corporations regularly rely upon FE’s real world experience in providing strategic assessments, product analyses, and business planning services to evaluate proposed ventures, assess critical investment information, and present our findings in a form appropriate to non-technical decision makers to ensure pre-merger and post-merger success.

Federal Engineering offers:

  • Market research

  • Product features definition

  • Competitive analyses

  • Risk assessments

  • Capital requirements

  • Market segmentation analyses

  • System performance assessments

  • Business plan audits

  • Due diligence support

Are you contemplating a merger or acquisition? Are you capitalizing a technical venture? FE can help you make the right decisions.