Communications Security

The need to secure your organization's networks is more critical than ever.

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Our approach to communications security combines former federal special agents with experienced telecommunications professionals.

Securing your network has taken on a new urgency. We have witnessed the unthinkable become reality. Communications systems are integral to the operation of virtually every public and private organization. These same systems have also become increasingly vulnerable to attack.

FE has been in the communications and computer security business since 1983 and has the team that can both intuitively and analytically identify risks to your networks.

  • Voice, data, video, and wireless networks

  • Thorough vulnerability assessments

  • Potential threats synthesis

  • Impacts quantified

  • Countermeasures identified

  • Detailed report of findings

  • Comprehensive recommendations

  • Executive briefings

How secure are your networks?  Our insights into potential threats go well beyond the norm to include both electronic and physical acts of hostility.