Narrowbanding Services

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Public safety and business land mobile radio systems operating on frequencies between 150-174 Mhz and 421-512Mhz must transition to 12.5 kHz spacing by January 1, 2013 or face FCC enforcement action.

You can rely on Federal Engineering. We have successfully assisted numerous organizations with system narrowbanding. FE offers a full suite of services performed by experienced consultants and FCC regulatory experts:

FE is fully qualified to meet the waiver requirements and will generate a compelling request to enhance your position with the FCC.

Why Federal Engineering?

FE is the Leader
State, county, and municipal governments as well as the Federal Government and private sector rely upon Federal Engineering for the planning, design, and deployment of FCC-compliant narrowbanded systems.

FE has the Staff
Our consultants are exceptionally qualified and able to immediately start supporting your organization. We know the rules, we know the issues, we know the equipment, and we are vendor independent.

Contracting Assistance is Available
Buy our services directly off of an existing cooperative procurement contract without the need to go out with a competitive RFP.