Public Safety Consolidation

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FE / Kimball offers an approach to consolidation that revolves around our clients’ true needs.

A 360° Approach to Consolidation with FE / Kimball

Our consolidation methodology is based on a full-circle, holistic approach to every aspect of emergency communications. We are experienced in consolidation studies, planning and implementation, having been an integral part of more than 25 consolidation efforts across the country.

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Our clients benefit from our expertise in all aspects of emergency communications. We have the in-depth understanding of operations, advanced technologies and systems, facilities and funding sources you’ll need to rely on throughout the entire consolidation process.

With varied and deep experience in our staff, we bring the right resources from our diverse organization to deliver the highest possible value.

A Total Solution, A Complete Understanding and a Single Point of Contact

We provide services to help communities manage the consolidation process from start to finish:

  • We begin with an objective analysis that assesses the value of consolidation, based on your unique circumstances.
  • We develop a recommendation in terms of the right consolidation model, including service requirements, cost, equipment, space, human resources, governance and practicality.
  • We then implement the selected approach. Our help simplifies the entire process, relieves the pressure of public safety and government leaders, facilitates a seamless transition and positions the project for success.

FE / Kimball’s solutions for emergency communications consolidation include:

  • Feasibility assessments
  • Consolidation planning, implementation and transition assistance
  • Facility planning, programming and design
  • Technology specification, procurement and project management
  • Vendor coordination

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