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Gwinnett County Awards Federal Engineering Public Safety Solution Implementation Support Contract

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Gwinnett County Awards Federal Engineering Public Safety Solution Implementation Support Contract

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA, July 15, 2019 — Gwinnett County, Georgia has awarded Federal Engineering, Inc. (FE) a contract to assist the County during the replacement of its public safety technology systems. Gwinnett County is recognized as one of the largest and fastest growing communities in the Atlanta Metro region. The County’s purchase of a fully integrated system will deliver multi-agency, multi-discipline and multi-jurisdictional response capabilities and will enable technology sharing between the sheriff’s office, police, fire and emergency services departments.

Mr. Brad Barber, Director at Federal Engineering gave an overview: “This comprehensive project is composed of five phases; four of which have been completed by FE. In Phase 1, FE conducted a comprehensive business and technology analysis including user needs assessments, review of current processes, and assessment of current public safety systems. In Phase 2, we gathered business, technical, and financial requirements. Phase 3 encompassed the development of the RFP to acquire new systems. During Phase 4, FE assisted with the vendor proposal evaluation process including technical support, reference checking, presentation and demonstration attendance, and contract negotiations assistance. During Phase 5, we will be providing onsite implementation support which will include project management, review of vendor deliverables, legacy data migration planning, review of training plans, system testing oversight, and contract compliance monitoring.”

Mr. Barber continued: “In addition to project management activities, FE will assess how the vendor addresses standards including NENA i3, NFPA 1221, ATIS J-STD-110, and NENA NG-SEC cyber security for IP-based network emergency services. FE will review technical, operational, and management policies and procedures related to network and IT security in accordance with NENA NG-SEC standards documents, which our consultants helped to develop. This review will evaluate the extent to which the County’s network security documentation (policies and procedures) addresses the elements of essential processes, security plans and procedures, and adequately documents and implements them.”

Responsible for leading an organization focused on obtaining best of breed in its technology and services, Mr. Abe Kani, Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Gwinnett County Department of Information Technology Services indicated, “As the steward of this important public safety initiative, we couldn’t be more pleased with FE’s work. They have exceeded our expectations on multiple occasions, and we look forward to their participation during the critical implementation phase of our Public Safety Solution project.”

As a leading, nationwide communications systems planning and design firm, Federal Engineering develops voice, data, and video networks for numerous organizations in the aerospace, energy, finance, education, publishing, and computer services fields. In addition to its private sector work, FE has completed thousands of communications projects for 46 state governments, as well as numerous local and federal government clients. FE’s certified independence ensures that clients receive objective, unbiased consulting services that are not influenced by any particular technology, product, vendor, or approach.

With FE’s addition of the L.R. Kimball public safety communications consulting practice, jurisdictions can rely upon one firm for all of their consulting needs in E9-1-1, NG9-1-1, PSAPs, Emergency Call Centers, and Emergency Operations Centers as well as land mobile radio voice, wireless data, broadband, backhaul, and emerging LTE mobile communications systems.


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