Network Consulting Services

As mission-critical networks and telecommunications change and evolve, organizations are challenged to keep up while delivering reliable and superior service to their customers and communities. FE / Kimball’s network consulting facilitates a smooth, seamless experience for clients as their communications platforms migrate to IP-enabled networks. We provide operational and technical expertise, ensuring a safe, reliable transition and a smooth deployment.

A Variety of Services for a Variety of Networks

Needs Assessment / Feasibility Analysis

Delivered by trained and experienced network consultants, a feasibility analysis examines your current technology environment and incorporates your vision to determine the operational and functional requirements that must be met.

Network Strategy and Planning

Our experts will work with you to develop a road map to build a forward looking, flexible and dynamic IP-enabled, next generation network. Considerations include bandwidth and network capacity needs, supporting applications and conceptual network diagrams.

Procurement Support Services

FE / Kimball’s procurement support services alleviate the pressures that clients face when they develop and evaluate requests for proposals from network suppliers, system vendors and service providers. We are vendor-neutral and will work with you to select the appropriate vendors.

Network Design

Our network design services provide in-depth planning and detailed element engineering to help clients transition from legacy networks to next generation, advanced telecommunication systems.

Network / Systems Integration

We can develop a plan specific to your strategic needs and design a flexible, robust network infrastructure that enables convergence of your applications.

Creating Smarter Disaster Response

FE / Kimball has worked with the Department of Defense on two Project National Shield projects to address interoperable communications during man-made or natural disasters. These virtual networks will eventually connect communications through a test bed Emergency Operations Center to a national incident control center. This work will help emergency responders respond faster and smarter in the event on a national disaster.