Ron Bosco

President & CEO

Founder of Federal Engineering and a Pioneer in Several Key Telecommunications Technologies

In 1983, Mr. Bosco recognized the growing need for independent consulting and founded Federal Engineering to serve as trusted advisors to clients as the telecommunications industry deregulated and moved into the digital age. He is responsible for the overall management of the firm, for setting its strategic direction, and for maintaining its profitability. He also maintains an active consulting role participating in selected client programs.

Building upon his diverse knowledge of the communications industry, Mr. Bosco has guided the firm through almost three decades of growth in virtually every communications technology. He has expanded the company's portfolio by attracting key senior personnel and has directed the company into such rapidly growing communications areas as public safety first responders, public service, transportation, and utilities. Under his guidance, FE has developed into a premier, international telecommunications consulting firm and a leader in many markets.

Prior to founding Federal Engineering, Mr. Bosco was actively involved in telecommunications for many years. He was a pioneer in the satellite communications industry having a major role in the design and deployment of the first circuit switched satellite system with many technology firsts. Mr. Bosco went on to implement and deploy the first nationwide X25 packet switching system, which evolved into the Internet.

John Murray

Executive Vice President & COO

Responsible for the Overall Management of All Federal Engineering Client Engagements

With over 40 years of experience in the tele-communications industry, Mr. Murray has a consistently successful track record of building strong client relationships, developing solutions that exceed client expectations, building world-class teams, developing technical personnel, managing fiduciary responsibilities, and improving operational process capabilities.

Within Federal Engineering, Mr. Murray is responsible for the overall management of all FE client engagements, including delivery of client requirements, client satisfaction, and program profitability. He also maintains an active consulting role, participating in selected client programs.

Mr. Murray has directed public safety mobile radio interoperability and strategic planning studies for numerous states and municipalities. He has delivered presentations and testimony to state-level Statewide Interoperability Executive Councils (SIEC) and legislative bodies. He has also directed countywide and statewide strategic telecommunications plans, as well as the planning, design, and procurement of a wide range of telecommunications services including broadband, voice, data, video, and Internet.