Serving Clients Worldwide

Federal Engineering is an independent, worldwide systems engineering and consulting firm specializing in the planning, design, and implementation of state-of-the-art telecommunications systems. FE has designed and implemented billions of dollars in telecommunications projects for corporate America as well as numerous local, state, and Federal government clients. Our analytical knowledge of voice, data, mobile radio, and video technologies is complemented by the practical, hands-on experience of our operations personnel. Systems designed by FE have proven flexible, cost effective, and reliable.

Founded in 1983, FE has become the nation's leading specialist in public safety mobile radio consulting having successfully completed over a thousand communications projects.  FE employs individuals with degrees in electrical engineering and related fields with extensive experience in the analysis, design, procurement, installation and management of land mobile radio systems.  FE personnel are among the most experienced in the industry. 

FE has also successfully completed numerous projects involving PBXs of all sizes, local and wide area data networks, analog and digital voice transport systems, network management and control centers, Internet access systems, and private intranets.   As a result of these programs, Federal Engineering has developed good working relationships with equipment vendors and service providers throughout our industry. 

FE's certified independence ensures that our clients receive totally objective analyses, free from the influences of hardware vendors, software suppliers, and service providers.  FE subscribes to the strict Code of Ethics of the IEEE, STC, and ICCA, which explicitly forbids any conflict of interest in our consulting activities.  Our designs are not biased toward any particular technology, product, or approach.

Federal Engineering provides full life cycle support as shown below. Services associated with each phase are available individually or in combination to meet your needs.

Full Life Cycle Support

FE's efforts are further enhanced by our strong commitment to a close working relationship with our clients. Federal Engineering's systems, procedures, and management methodologies are designed to continually reinforce this close relationship with a client base that stretches across the world.

Federal Engineering is uniquely qualified to go beyond the technical issues in advancing a client's communications facilities and services. We are particularly sensitive to the intricacies of dealing with non-technical executive management and government leaders. Federal Engineering personnel have provided expert testimony to state bureaus and have appeared before the U.S. Congress, governors, elected state representatives, and a host of local government officials. Only through such extraordinary experience can a consulting firm develop the sophistication necessary to combine economic and technical issues into a politically palatable form

Over the past quarter century, FE has successfully completed more telecommunications projects than any other independent consulting firm.  By involving FE in your communications project, you will be assured of a solution that is practical, cost effective, and can be implemented with a minimum of risk.