Other Consulting Services

Personnel Outsourcing 

Federal Engineering provides a wide range of technical personnel on an outsourcing and staff augmentation basis. Technical and administrative personnel with associates through advanced degrees are available on short term, midterm, and long term basis.

  • Telecommunications engineers
  • Information systems consultants
  • Software development analysts
  • Network operations personnel
  • Field technicians
  • Procurement specialists
  • Program managers
  • Security analysts
  • Web developers

FE outsourcing personnel are invaluable when implementing large scale communications projects. As a project evolves through its various phases, the requisite skill sets change. Initially analysis and design personnel are needed; later implementation staffs are required; and finally operations and maintenance personnel must be put in place. Federal Engineering is prepared to staff all phases of a program with seasoned personnel.

Communications Security

How secure are your networks?  The answer to this question has taken on new urgency! We have witnessed the unthinkable become reality. Communications systems are integral to the operation of virtually every public and private organization. These same systems have also become increasingly vulnerable to attack. The need to secure your organization's networks is now critically important.

FE has been in the communications and computer security business since 1983. Our unique approach combines former federal special agents with experienced telecommunications professionals to field a team that can both intuitively and analytically identify risks to your networks.

  • Voice, data, video, and wireless networks
  • Thorough vulnerability assessments
  • Potential threats synthesis
  • Impacts quantified
  • Countermeasures identified
  • Detailed report of findings
  • Comprehensive recommendations
  • Executive briefings

Our insights into potential threats go well beyond the norm to include both electronic and physical acts of hostility.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investments

Are you contemplating a merger or acquisition?  Are you capitalizing a technical venture?  FE can help you make the right decisions!.

FE is a nationwide telecommunications consulting firm providing strategic assessments, product analyses, and business planning services. Investment bankers, venture capital firms, and major corporations regularly rely upon FE's real world experience in sophisticated communications technologies.  FE consultants evaluate proposed ventures, assess critical investment information, and present our findings in a form appropriate to non-technical decision makers.


Federal Engineering offers:

  • Market research
  • Product features definition
  • Competitive analyses
  • Risk assessments
  • Capital requirements
  • Market segmentation analyses
  • System performance assessments
  • Business plan audits
  • Due diligence support

FE is particularly sensitive to the intricacies of dealing with non-technical financial organizations. Our personnel have been involved in a wide range of investment opportunities from capital formation for startups through mergers and acquisitions by major corporations. This background ensures the high level of sophistication necessary to validate economic, technical, and marketing plans with a high degree of confidence.

Litigation Support

FE provides technical consulting for litigation and trial support in virtually all communications technologies and markets. FE is a nationwide, independent telecommunications consulting providing a wide range of design and management services in Internet access, fiber optics, satellite, microwave, mobile radio, data communications, video, and cable networking technologies.  Litigation and trial support services include:

  • Product research
  • Technical analyses
  • Pre-trial support
  • Reliability analyses
  • Performance analyses
  • Competitive analysis
  • Trial preparation
  • Expert testimony

Numerous law firms have called upon FE's real world expertise with large scale networks. Our opinions are unimpeachable, instilling that high degree of credibility that can only be developed through years of experience. FE has developed techniques ideally suited to presenting highly technical issues to a lay jury.

Broad Technology Expertise

Federal Engineering has deep background and hundreds of man-years of experience in the following technologies:

Intranet/Internet access

  • Internet service providers
  • IP addressing schemes
  • DNS and DHCP servers
  • E-mail exchangers
  • WWW servers

Terrestrial communications

  • Telco and Cable TV
  • Digital and analog
  • Frame relay, ATM and ADSL
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Carrier and private microwave

Data communications

  • Client/server networking
  • Legacy systems
  • TCP/IP router based networks
  • LANs and WANs

Switching systems

  • VoIP, PBX and central office
  • T-carrier
  • Routers, multiplexers, and channel banks

Fiber optic communications

  • Single mode and multimode
  • Trunking and add/drop
  • Long haul, WANs, and LANs
  • SONET, ATM, and FDDI

Wireless Communications

  • Public safety mobile radio
  • Private land mobile radio
  • Wi-Fi and WiMAX
  • Cellular and LTE systems
  • Mobile data terminals
  • Tone, voice, and alpha paging

Satellite communications

  • VSAT networks
  • LEOs (Low Earth Orbit Systems)
  • TVRO networks
  • INTELSAT and DOMSAT earth stations
  • Fixed and transportable systems

Video distribution

  • Desktop, compressed, and full motion video
  • Transport, switching and storage
  • Distance learning and educational networks

Commercial security

  • Firewalls and proxy servers
  • Computer access and user authentication
  • Encryption and call back devices
  • Building access and perimeter control


  • AM, FM, and television
  • Instructional Television Fixed Service